By G9ija

The Kano State branch of the Labour Party has declared that their former governorship candidate, Bashir Bashir, is an impostor who never truly belonged to the party. This came after Bashir defected to the All Progressives Congress.

The announcement was made by the Chairman of the Kano State Labour Party, Mohammed Abdullahi, during a press conference held on Monday.

“We are aware of some deceptive, pretentious, fake and misleading actions of some forces who are not genuine party members and who are bent on shattering the dream of victory for labour party at the polls.

“For example, we are privy to a plot by someone who falsely claimed that the Labour Party is losing grip.

“The said pretender is spiritedly trying to woo other genuine candidates of our party to go with him. His dream is a dead dream.We recognise and concede that it’s the fundamental right of anybody to choose and belong to a political party of his or her choice.

“However, we are quick to reckon that the impostor in question was not a member of Labour Party. So, he cannot leave the house (Labour party) in which he did not inhabit, “ Abdullahi said.

According to Mohammed Abdullahi, Bashir was never recognized by the Independent National Electoral Commission as a legitimate candidate for the governorship on behalf of the Labour Party in Kano State.

He stated that Bashir arrived without any recognition and left without it, meaning that he never held a valid candidacy.

Mohammed Abdullahi emphasized that the Labour Party will not tolerate individuals who use the party’s name for personal gain, as they have worked hard to build and strengthen the party in Kano State. He described such behavior as unpatriotic and unacceptable.

He restated the commitment of the “genuine party members” to fully support the Obi/Datti movement 2023 hundred per cent in Kano, adding that anybody who wanted to leave could do so as it was their democratic right.