By G9ija

The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) has donated two personnel troop movement trucks to the Nigeria Police at the Force Headquarters in Abuja.

Executive Chairman of the FIRS, Dr Babatunde Fowler, who presented the trucks to the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Adamu, said without security there would be no tax revenue, hence the need to support the police.

“We have special relationship with the Nigerian police and when you are talking about tax you are talking about law, and when you are talking about tax payment especially in Nigeria where a lot of people don’t want to pay taxes, sometimes for security of both the tax collector and the tax payer, we require the assistance of the police.

“This is a long standing relationship, and of course we are aware, Nigeria needs a lot of revenue and the only way it can get revenue is where you have employment, and you can only have employment when you have active production and you can only have active production where you have security and that is the role of the police to provide security for all of us. We are doing this as FIRS, but we believe all well-meaning Nigerians, both in the corporate and as individuals should support the police.

“Anyone who wears a uniform, who is laying down his or her life on behalf of others should be appreciated. This is just a little token in helping the police carry their responsibilities.

“We should realize the sacrifice they make under the sun and rain. They provide security which would make our country better, which would help production, help employment and of course eventually help people pay more taxes.

“We collect revenues for the three tiers of government and the way we see it without adequate security, there cannot be business.

“Without security there can be no tax revenues. So we see ourselves as partners and at the same time, we are also aware that we should support each other and everything should be better.

“We have two trucks for troop movement and we hope that in the near future we would do a whole lot more.

“We appreciate the police for what they do for the country. We believe that people who put their lives at risk for the rest of us should be admired and supported,” Fowler said.

IGP Mohammed Adamu said the FIRS under Folwer has been very cooperative with the police and has done a lot for them in different areas.

He said the two trucks would facilitate the movement of their personnel from one part of the country to the other, and expressed gratitude for the donation.

“You have appreciated the security situation in the country. It is a situation that needs collaboration and support from every Nigerian. It is a situation that needs support from services like yours and others.

“For me you are the first since I became IG to come and donate such things to us. And I would call on other Nigerians and Services to please use their social corporate responsibility and channel it towards security in this country.

“When you have security, you will have development, when you have development, you will have employment and when you have employment, you will deal away with poverty,” Adamu said.