By G9ija

China will launch another lunar probe at the end of this year to collect soil samples, and plan to launch the Mars probe in 2020 to detect signs of life, a specialized publication reported.

According to the Science and Technology Daily, the Earth’s natural satellite will be reached by the Chang’e-5, weighing nearly 8.9 tons and is fully equipped with artificial intelligence technology.

Once there, it must soft-land on the far side, collect some samples and then go back to the ground station. The scientific team in charge of this project has already solved all tech problems by the lunar probe and assured it is ready for the new lunar exploration.

If it works as expected, there will be a sixth mission to North Pole to determine the soil age, solar wind composition, as well as isotopes of hydrogen, carbon, helium and oxygen.

Meanwhile, a seventh mission will focus on the extreme north and seek to discover if there is ice in the unknown part.

An eighth project, in addition to some scientific studies and experiments, will test key technologies to lay the foundations for the construction of a science and research base involving humans and robots by the 2030s.

China, on the other hand, is planning a Mars mission for 2020 so as to determine if it is possible to transform it in some way to house human life in the future.