By G9ija

While domestic violence is a global problem, it has literally taken residence in Africa with endless stories of pains and sorrow following it.

In Nigeria particularly, the epidemic has assumed a disturbing dimension that even celebrities are not spared.

Nigerian actress, Anita Joseph has revealed that she has been a victim of domestic. Anita who is a co-host on the Pink Room Show said whenever her ex hits her, he apologizes stating that he won’t do it again.

“He hits me, buys me gifts, says sorry and because I loved him, I stayed. It went on and on and at some point I couldn’t take it anymore”, she declared.

Anita who also doubles as a singer said her late mum also advised her to leave the relationship

“My mum was alive then and she said to me, If you can’t cope just leave.Whenever he hits me he would apologize saying it won’t happen again and I am a very emotional person”.

Anita Joseph has joined the growing list of celebrities like Monalisa Chinda, Mercy Aigbe and others who were once victims of domestic violence.