A fierce dispute has erupted between Portable and Charles Okocha following a threat issued by Portable. The conflict stems from Portable’s accusation that Okocha deceived him, withholding 40 million Naira from show promoters in Desmond, Abuja, and only giving him 5 million Naira. Portable labeled Okocha as unfair and a thief.

In response, Okocha asserted that he orchestrated the deal and merely invited Portable as a guest, flying him from Lagos to Abuja. Without a formal agreement, Okocha paid Portable what he deemed appropriate – 5 million Naira.

Feeling aggrieved, Portable challenged Okocha to a confrontation in Lagos, implying potential physical altercation if Okocha dared to show up. Portable stated, “Come to Lagos if dem born you well.”

This clash has ignited a storm on the internet, with fans divided on whether it’s a publicity stunt or genuine animosity between the two controversial celebrities.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hg9LM5d2s_Q&t=9s