American singer, songwriter and dancer, Usher Raymond popularly known as Ursher broke down into tears while bidding a public goodbye to his longtime friend and drummer Aaron Spears

The Grammy-winning musician’s life and memory were honored following his untimely death.

The Musician lost his long-time friend in October, with the likes of Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and Travis Barker all paying tribute to the drummer, having all worked with him.

Spears was remembered at a ceremony in Maryland, where Usher spoke on stage about their friendship.

‘He was my hero, man,’ Usher told the crowd, and he was met with applause from the audience as he struggled with his emotions and had to pause.

With a shaking voice, Usher continued: ” I couldn’t let him know how I felt about him enough. But I hope he saw it… he meant that much to me and he will continue to mean that much to me as a friend, as an amazing force.

“I will always love Aaron Spears and I will always have him in my mind.”
‘Aaron, you were God-sent,’ he went on in a clip shared online. ‘We appreciate having these things. Appreciate the ones you have while you have them. Honour them and let them know how you feel about them.’

Spears died in October at the age of 47, with the tragic news announced by his wife, Jessica.

The cause of death his death has not been announced.