The Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Obafemi Hamzat, has refuted claims suggesting that his office received a whopping N2 billion to procure rechargeable fans, lights, and fridges. Contrarily, Hamzat clarified that the actual approval for the project amounted to N2 million.

In a memo addressed to the Director General of the Public Procurement Agency, Hamzat disputed the reported figures, also contesting the amount allocated to his wife for her monthly outreach programs and empowerment initiatives. Contrary to the agency’s reported N30 million, he stated that his wife received N2.5 million monthly for these purposes, which amounted to an annual total.

Reports about alleged expenditures, including N7.5 million for replacing liquid fragrance in the Governor’s office and the substantial N2 billion for rechargeable fans in the Deputy Governor’s office, have drawn criticism towards Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu and Deputy Governor Hamzat.

Hamzat, through a memo signed by the Director of Finance and Account on behalf of the Permanent Secretary in his office, labeled the agency’s report as untrue, mischievous, fake, and baseless.

He clarified the actual approved amount for the provision of supply items, stating it was N2,017,840 and not the inflated N2,017,840,000 as purportedly stated by the agency.

Expressing urgency in addressing the issue, Hamzat urged the agency to rectify the misinformation by presenting the accurate details to the public.

In his closing remarks, he emphasized the need to prevent any damage to the reputation of the Deputy Governor, his wife, and the office, asserting their commitment to ensuring accurate reporting of expenditures and activities.