Renowned tech expert Abiodun Atobatele has launched the Abiodun and Yinka Atobatele (AYA) Foundation, aiming to make substantial contributions to education, healthcare, and community development.

During the recent unveiling event on November 11 in Abeokuta, which saw the inauguration of the Igbein Tech Skills Acquisition Centre and the Bilikisu Iyabode Memorial Health Centre, Atobatele highlighted the foundation’s initiatives. These efforts signify a crucial step toward shaping a brighter future for Nigeria, according to Atobatele.

Inaugurated by the Alake of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo III, these centers symbolize access and hope for numerous underprivileged young Nigerians aspiring to opportunities in the tech industry and in need of healthcare support.

Following their official opening, Atobatele entrusted the management and maintenance of these facilities to the Abiodun and Yinka Atobatele Foundation (AYA Foundation).

Abiodun, alongside his wife Dr. Yinka, co-founded the AYA Foundation. Their comprehensive approach, integrating education and healthcare, offers promise for a better tomorrow. Abiodun’s steadfast dedication to the nation’s welfare is evident in these initiatives, positioning the AYA Foundation as a beacon of hope guiding Nigeria toward a more promising future for all its citizens.

“My vision for the AYA Foundation is to create a lasting impact on Nigeria, one community at a time,” said Abiodun.

Abiodun Atobatele’s journey began in 2007 with the founding of ATB Techsoft Solutions Limited.