Former Barcelona and AC Milan Icon Ronaldinho Faces Potential Seizure of Brazilian Properties Over Tax Debts

Renowned football figure Ronaldinho is reportedly on the brink of losing two properties in Brazil to settle alleged tax liabilities. According to Mail Online, tax authorities have initiated an appraisal of his real estate holdings in Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul, aiming to recover any owed funds from the ex-footballer.

The properties under scrutiny are reportedly situated in western Rio and Xangri-La, a coastal municipality approximately 80 miles from Porto Alegre, Ronaldinho’s birthplace.

Reports from Brazilian media indicate that tax inspectors, unable to trace funds in Ronaldinho’s bank accounts, turned their attention to his real estate assets.

In November 2018, Brazilian authorities confiscated luxury cars and artwork belonging to the 43-year-old and his brother, Roberto de Assis Moreira, due to claims of unpaid fines linked to their charity work.

A month earlier, Ronaldinho faced passport confiscation after prosecutors uncovered a meager five-pound balance in a separate case involving illegal construction on protected land. This tumultuous period culminated in his arrest in Paraguay in March 2020 for using a fake passport, leading to a month-long prison stint followed by four months of house arrest in Asuncion.