NESAM Concepts Medical Rehabilitation, founded by Dr. Edewor Nana, is on a mission to revolutionize healthcare in Nigeria through specialized services, aiming to set new standards in the field.

According to Dr. Nana, Nesam, established in 2001 and formally registered in Nigeria in 2021, operates globally from its headquarters in the United States but prioritizes serving Nigerians and visitors to the country with tailored healthcare solutions.

The organization has gained recognition for its excellence, primarily focusing on three core areas: physiotherapy/physical therapy, Sculpting and Contouring, and Pelvic Floor Muscle Treatment, including Vagina Rejuvenation. Dr. Nana highlighted that this spectrum of services embodies Nesam Concepts’ commitment to comprehensive healthcare.

Nesam addresses an extensive range of conditions, ranging from common complaints like low back pain and neck pain to more complex issues such as stroke, osteoarthritis, and various injuries. The organization specializes in rehabilitation for joint replacements, nerve injuries, sports-related injuries, and educates on workplace ergonomics, health, and wellness. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and a proficient team, Nesam Concepts is well-prepared to cater to diverse healthcare needs.

The core belief at Nesam Concepts revolves around the power of prescribed exercises by licensed physiotherapists and a balanced diet as the best preventive medicine. Dr. Nana emphasized that this approach aims not only for improved individual quality of life but also for economic growth, fostering a healthy, medication-independent population.

The recent accreditation by the Medical Rehabilitation Therapists Board (MRTB) in 2023 signifies Nesam’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of care and professionalism while delivering essential medical rehabilitation services to Nigerians and the global community.

Innovative and dedicated to transforming lives through specialized services, Nesam Concepts Medical Rehabilitation stands as a beacon of excellence in healthcare, ushering in a new era of healthcare practices and possibilities.