When he came back around 6 pm, they discussed traveling to the East for the Christmas holidays.

He left home shortly after their discussion without disclosing his destination and has not been seen since then.

“I am in pain and heartbroken. On the 7th of this month, my husband by the name Mohammad Bashir Chukwunonso went to work in the morning, returned by 3 in the afternoon, and went out again, came back by 6 pm, and we discussed our traveling to the East by December. After that, he told me he is coming without telling me exactly where he was going till now. We have not seen or heard anything about him, his phone has not been connecting up till today,” she lamented.

“Please help me post him. Maybe we can get some information about his whereabouts.

“He’s 28 years old with two kids, 3 years and 11 months, from Imo State, lives and works in Victoria Island, Lagos State. I don’t have money to pay you. Please help me.