A mother faces harrowing accusations of ending her infant son’s life by slitting his neck, purportedly believing it would bring him closer to God and Jesus.

April Evalyn Short, a 30-year-old mother of three and the spouse of a US Army staff sergeant, was taken into custody on November 15, charged with murder. The tragic incident unfolded in their Georgia residence, where Short sent a distressing text message to her husband at 8:01 am local time, hinting at an impending darkness and a desire for reunion, as per court documents obtained by Law&Crime.

Alarmed by the message and concerned for their youngest child, the husband, stationed at Fort Eisenhower Army Installation, rushed home. Upon his arrival, he found Short barricaded in their bedroom with their three children and alerted law enforcement.

When Short emerged from the barricaded room around 9:05 am, attempting to flee, the police intervened, preventing her escape. It was then the husband realized their infant was missing. Upon further inspection of the bedroom, he discovered the child wrapped in plastic and suffering from neck wounds.

Despite emergency medical efforts, the infant was pronounced dead at 9:34 am at the Army Medical Center.

As per statements from the 6-year-old child, Short armed herself with knives, aiming to assist the victim in reaching “God and Jesus.”

During a police interrogation, Short allegedly confessed to the act, admitting to barricading the room, wrapping the child in a shower curtain, and using two knives in her attempt. She reportedly threatened the 6-year-old, warning against entering the bathroom, citing it as “really scary.”

Appearing before US Magistrate Judge Brian K. Epps, Short did not enter a plea during her initial hearing. The case is pending a comprehensive legal review to unveil the precise details surrounding this tragic event.