NBC Freelance Journalist Mirvat al-Azzeh Arrested in Israel for Inciting Terrorism and Associating with a Terrorist Organization.

NBC News Ends Association With Journalist Arrested by Israel for Glorifying Hamas Attack

Following the arrest of Palestinian freelance producer Mirvat al-Azzeh by Israeli authorities on charges of glorifying Hamas attacks, NBC News has severed ties with her. Al-Azzeh, 45, was taken into custody for suspected involvement in inciting terrorism and aligning with a terrorist organization, particularly for sharing four Facebook posts.

The police, presenting the case at a Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court hearing, emphasized the severity of the offenses, given the ongoing conflict. One of the posts by al-Azzeh referred to an elderly woman’s kidnapping on October 7, stating, “It’s killing me, it’s a black comedy, the old woman looks happy, a bit of action before she dies.”

Another post mentioned sirens and made divisive remarks about Jews and Arabs during the conflict. The police representative asserted that al-Azzeh actively chose “to incite and glorify the horrible acts committed against civilians.”

In court, al-Azzeh’s defense attorney acknowledged her authorship of the posts but portrayed her as a normative woman engaged in journalism. The defense emphasized her cooperation during the investigation and refuted any attempt to hide behind claims of hacking.