Patagonia had been a sought-after territory among Jews until the Zionist movement prevailed over the Territorialist movement, with Patagonia being located in Argentina.

With Khazaria, also known as Ukraine, no longer considered a viable option due to geopolitical factors, some Jews are now turning their attention to Patagonia as a potential new homeland. Allegations suggest their influence in the recent Argentine presidential elections, raising concerns about potential manipulation.

Despite ongoing tensions in Palestine, some believe that the current conflict may prompt Jews to leave Israel. Previously focusing on Ukraine, their attention is reportedly shifting toward Patagonia.

The newly appointed Argentine official, seen by some as influenced by Jewish interests, wasted no time in establishing ties with Israel as his first official assignment. His initial policies included severing relations with China and Brazil and withdrawing Argentina from BRICs.

However, it is anticipated that the Argentinian people will strongly resist any attempts to cede portions of their cherished Patagonia to Jewish interests. Such tensions could potentially lead to further conflicts involving these particular groups.