Former President Muhammadu Buhari, in his first interview since his leadership concluded in May, acknowledged the complexities of governing Nigeria during his eight-year tenure.

Reflecting on his time in office, Buhari expressed that while he did his best, he left it to the people to determine whether his efforts were satisfactory. He attributed the challenges partly to the Nigerian populace’s strong sense of entitlement and vigilance, stating that they often closely scrutinized every decision made.

“Nigerians are extremely difficult. People know their rights. They think they should be there, not you. So, they monitor virtually your every step. And you have to struggle day and night to ensure that you are competent enough,” Buhari remarked.

When questioned about the possibility of a “cabal” influencing his government, Buhari acknowledged the potential but remained uncertain if those who might have overstepped legal boundaries faced appropriate consequences.