Aisha Yesufu, a human rights advocate and director of the Laboured Party’s 2023 presidential campaign, criticized Abia State Governor Alex Otti for reportedly spending a staggering N927 million in just three months on refreshments, meals, honorarium, allowances, and welfare packages. Yesufu cautioned against perpetuating traditional governance practices, emphasizing the need for a shift.

The critique stemmed from a disclosed budget performance report by the Abia State government titled “Abia State Third Quarter (July – September) 2023 Budget Performance,” published on their official website. According to the report, the Otti-led administration allocated N223,389,889.84 to refreshments and meals, N305,400,000.00 to honorarium and sitting allowances for government officials, and N397,520,734.00 to welfare packages during this three-month period.

Yesufu’s concern highlighted a departure from conventional governance norms, stressing the necessity for prudent resource utilization and responsible spending to serve the public interest effectively.