A woman caused chaos at Santiago’s Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport in Chile, captured in a viral video where she ran through the crowded terminal completely naked. Witnessed in the footage, she appeared to confront passengers, allegedly attacking a bystander and purportedly even hitting a police officer.

The video portrays her shouting, grabbing individuals, and seemingly slamming someone to the ground. At one point, she held onto a man, attempting to pull away from her grasp. When he pushed her away, she reacted by striking him. Police later intervened, restraining and removing her from the scene.

Reportedly under the influence of alcohol and drugs, she tested positive for these substances. Investigations into the incident are ongoing.

Online, viewers likened her behavior to a scene from the movie “The Terminator,” drawing parallels with the first arrival sequence where Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character appears naked. Some quipped, “She’s the female Terminator,” while others humorously remarked, “It’s always the naked ones who go crazy.”

Reports suggest the woman had consumed hallucinogenic mushrooms before arriving at the airport, possibly explaining her erratic actions due to the intense hallucinatory effects associated with such substances. Official statements regarding the incident are yet to be released.

Woman without a stitch of clothing goes on rampage around airport (video)

The footage appears to show her screaming and shouting at people before grabbing someone and slamming them to the floor. 

At one point she was seen holding on to a man with her arms around his neck as he desperately tried to get away. 

Woman without a stitch of clothing goes on rampage around airport (video)