Yahaya Bello, the outgoing Governor of Kogi State, has pledged to punish commissioners and members of his cabinet who he claims betrayed him during the state’s November 11 gubernatorial election.

Speaking during a closed-door meeting with APC stakeholders in Lokoja on Saturday, November 18, Bello expressed frustration towards cabinet members who, he alleges, sided against him due to his choice of Usman Ododo as his successor, despite his support for them.

He referred to these allies as ‘enemies within,’ accusing them of colluding with opposition parties to undermine him.

Bello expressed his dismay, stating, “All of those disgruntled elements moved against me after everything I did for them.” He lashed out at these individuals for obstructing his efforts and aligning with opposition forces, labeling them as misleading leaders and expressing his disappointment with their actions.

Warning against any threats from these leaders towards their subordinates, he cautioned of severe consequences if such behavior continued.

The Governor directly singled out a Senator from the state, accusing him of being influenced by others to sabotage the party’s progress, despite Bello’s purported assistance in the past, even reviving the Senator from financial distress.

Bello’s statement underscores his disappointment and frustration with perceived disloyalty within his ranks, signaling a willingness to take action against those he deems responsible for sabotaging his political aspirations.