Nollywood actress and entrepreneur, Sarah Martins, has issued a cautionary message to women regarding advice circulating on social media. Taking to her Instagram, she expressed disdain for women encouraging others to rely solely on men and emphasized her belief in the appeal of productivity.

In her post, Sarah questioned how a responsible man could inquire about a woman’s contribution, only to receive the response “I am the table,” emphasizing the importance of women being more than just themselves.

She specifically mentioned that her post wasn’t directed at fans of relationship expert Blessing CEO, and she criticized the misleading nature of the internet, urging young individuals to aspire to more than dependency.

The message by Sarah Martins aligns with similar sentiments expressed by singer Harrysong, who also warned against taking advice from social media. Harrysong emphasized that many content creators on social media may be struggling themselves and are only seeking a means of earning a living. Additionally, actor Yul Edochie urged people not to heed advice from online sources, especially those who may not have their own lives entirely figured out.

As the conversation around self-sufficiency and discernment in online advice continues, these celebrities highlight the need for individuals to prioritize genuine hustling and aspire to personal growth beyond dependency.