The Niger State House of Assembly is poised to approve a new law that grants six months of maternity leave for nursing mothers. Deputy Speaker Afiniki Dauda revealed this during a training session in Minna on Sunday, Nov. 19, focusing on etiquette, protocol, security, and empowerment for female political officeholders.

Dauda emphasized the significance of this bill, underscoring the necessity for women to have adequate post-childbirth rest, ultimately fostering better health for both the mother and child. She stressed that the extended leave duration would enable new mothers to recuperate, regain their strength, and form strong bonds with their infants.

The event, spearheaded by Fatima Bago, the wife of the Niger State Governor, aimed to bolster female engagement in governance. It sought to equip them with essential business and life skills, preparing them for their roles as political officeholders and partners of elected and appointed officials. This initiative follows a similar training organized by First Lady Oluremi Tinubu in Abuja.