Former footballer Jermain Defoe has reportedly been dividing his time between two rumored love interests, spending time with each at different mansions amid his ongoing divorce from his wife, Donna Tierney.

The ex-Tottenham Hotspur star announced the conclusion of his seven-month marriage to Donna in January. Shortly afterward, he was linked to influencer Alisha LeMay, 31, and they made a public appearance together in October, fueling engagement rumors when Alisha sported a sizable diamond on her ring finger. However, days later, Jermain was spotted kissing wedding planner Paige Mallabourn-Edmondson, 29.

The 41-year-old has been photographed with both women at his residences, with Alisha sharing an image from his Hertfordshire home five days after he was seen driving Paige to his Essex mansion. Alisha reportedly moved into his Hertfordshire property in May, while Paige is said to have relocated to his Essex residence earlier this month.

Reports suggest Jermain is navigating an unconventional setup, shuttling between the two women. A source cited by The Sun mentioned Jermain’s busy lifestyle post-retirement and speculated about his difficulty in choosing between the two women, noting both seemed aware of each other’s presence and accommodating toward Jermain’s arrangement.

On November 9, Jermain was spotted on a dinner date with Paige at a nearby pub in Essex before returning to his home, which was previously shared with ex-wife Donna. Meanwhile, on November 14, Alisha posted a selfie from Jermain’s Hertfordshire residence, indicating her presence there.