President Goodluck Jonathan @66: Peter Obi Extends Warm Birthday Wishes”

On the occasion of your 66th birthday, President Goodluck Jonathan, I extend heartfelt congratulations on behalf of my family. I express gratitude to God for the significant contributions you have made to our nation, Africa, and global democracies during your tenure as President and in your continued role as a beacon for free, fair, transparent, and violence-free elections.

Your recent mission to promote democracy in Liberia, where a transparent election resulted in a run-off and the victory of an opposition candidate, stirred nostalgic sentiments among Nigerians. It reminded us of your profound sacrifice for democracy in our country in 2015. God will continue to bless you for the rare patriotism that elevated Nigeria in global democracies, despite spirited efforts to undermine it. Your resolute commitment to democracy, encapsulated in the landmark quote, “My political ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian,” speaks volumes about your dedication to a democratic process where the will of the people prevails.

As you celebrate this exceptional day, my prayer is that God Almighty will bless you, keeping you in good health of mind and body, and guiding you to contribute to many more positive advancements for our nation and humanity.

Happy Birthday, Your Excellency. – Peter Obi.