Weiny Machado, the grief-stricken father of a young Taylor Swift fan who tragically passed away at the singer’s Brazil concert due to extreme heat, is demanding explanations from the concert organizers.

The incident occurred during the show in Rio de Janeiro last Friday, leading to Ana Benevides’ untimely death. Her father expressed anguish over potential negligence, urging concert promoters to clarify whether attendees were barred from bringing water into the venue.

Machado’s heartache was palpable as he spoke to the Brazilian newspaper Folha de S.Paulo, stating, “I need to know if they were truly forbidden to bring water, if there was negligence in providing aid.” He continued, mourning the loss of his daughter, a bright and aspiring psychology graduate who passed away pursuing her dreams.

Ana, in the front row of the Estádio Nilton Santos, fainted amidst the sweltering temperatures, where she was attended to for nearly 40 minutes before another cardiac arrest occurred en route to a hospital. Sadly, she couldn’t be revived upon arrival.

Concerns arise over the family’s financial capacity to repatriate Ana’s body. Reports from attendees circulated social media, alleging the prohibition of water bottles inside the stadium.

Swift canceled her second show due to the heat, expressing sorrow and prioritizing the safety of fans, crew, and fellow performers. Organizers cited a ‘special action plan’ in response to escalating temperatures, including providing free water at multiple points, allowing sealed water bottles and processed food inside, complying with safety guidelines.

The company emphasized that the ban on water bottles was in line with public safety regulations and clarified its reinforcement of resources amid the heatwave during the heavily-attended shows.Devastated father of Taylor Swift

Devastated father of Taylor Swift