Ogege Kemelayefa, representing the Action Peoples Party (APP) in the recent Bayelsa State governorship election, expressed satisfaction with the 14 votes garnered during the November 11 polls.

Despite incumbent Governor Duoye Diri securing victory with 300,072 votes, Kemelayefa’s 14 votes marked a modest count in the election outcome.

In an interview with Premium Times about the election, the APP candidate remarked, “While I’m discontent with several issues—such as rampant vote buying, rigging, and result manipulation—I take pride in those 14 votes.”

She continued, “Those votes came without any financial influence. I didn’t offer any inducements. These 14 individuals believe in my vision for Bayelsa State.”

Addressing her disappointment, Kemelayefa criticized the ruling party for impoverishing the populace to a level where survival instincts affected voting behavior. She expressed dismay over the lack of development, power supply, industries, and quality road networks provided to the people during the past four years, attributing the situation to the ruling party’s disregard for the citizens’ welfare.