A 65-year-old landlord named Igwe Ambrose has been sentenced to life imprisonment for sexually assaulting his tenant’s two daughters, aged seven and 11 years.

Ambrose, found guilty of inserting his fingers into the minors’ private parts, faced a four-count charge brought by the Lagos state government. These charges encompassed sexual assault by penetration and indecent treatment of a child. The heinous acts occurred between January and June 2021 at Shagari Estate, Ipaja, Lagos.

In a ruling today, Justice Abiola Soladoye of an Ikeja Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Court concluded that the prosecution convincingly established the charges against the perpetrator. Consequently, Igwe received a life sentence for his actions.

Soladoye characterized the convict as a reprehensible individual who deceitfully exploited the young girls, claiming to assist with their schoolwork while molesting them by touching their breasts and violating their privacy. The judge highlighted the survivors’ identification of the defendant and emphasized that the evidence presented painted a clear picture, debunking the lies woven by the defendant.