Governor Peter Ndubuisi Mbah is set to initiate the ambitious Enugu Central Terminal Project within a timeframe of 12 months. The project, reminiscent of the Lagos-Oshodi Transportation Interchange but envisioned as an improved version, aims to revolutionize Enugu’s transportation system. Planet Projects, the company behind the Oshodi Interchange, will undertake the construction of the Enugu Central Terminal.

Upon completion, the terminal will function as a pivotal transportation hub, featuring dual terminals seamlessly connected for both inter-state and intra-state travel. The facility will also integrate with the existing rail line, expansive connecting roads, and serve as a major commercial center. Additionally, the terminal is designed to offer a clean, oxygenated environment with lush greenery reminiscent of international cityscapes.

Situated at the intersection of Okpara Avenue and Market Road in Enugu town, the project’s timeline is set for commencement and completion within 12 months. Demonstrating a considerate approach, Governor Peter Mbah and the State Commissioner for Transport, Hon. Obi Ozor, have initiated extensive stakeholder consultations with businesses in the vicinity. The intention is to temporarily relocate these businesses during the construction phase. Once finalized, the businesses and other transport and logistics entities in the area will transition to the state-of-the-art Enugu Central Terminal. This terminal will also serve as a pivotal hub for a well-planned Mass Transit Station, featuring modular terminals at Garki, Abakpa, and Nsukka.

Recognizing the need for modern infrastructure in the South-East, the Enugu State Government emphasizes the importance of such projects and acknowledges the sacrifices involved. The decision to temporarily relocate affected businesses aims for a win-win situation, ensuring a swift return to normal business operations after the 12-month construction period.