R. Kelly has initiated legal action against U.S. federal prison officials, accusing them of divulging his private information to an internet blogger. The disgraced R&B artist filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government, certain Bureau of Prisons personnel, and blogger Tasha K, alleging collusion to publicize his personal matters during his incarceration in Chicago.

According to Kelly, three unnamed Bureau of Prisons officials accessed the internal system documenting his activities within the prison, such as email exchanges, private calls, and visitor logs. He contends that these officials collaborated with Tasha K to provide her with his personal information, suspecting that financial motives may have been involved.

Kelly, along with his attorney Jennifer Bonjean, asserts that Tasha K’s use of the obtained information damaged his reputation, invaded his privacy, and caused significant emotional distress. The singer further alleges negligence on the part of the U.S. government for permitting prison personnel to access and share such information, seeking substantial damages.

Tasha K, known for her significant YouTube following, has previously refuted Kelly’s claims, denying any involvement in illicit activities. These allegations by Kelly trace back to 2019. Following his conviction in the Chicago case, he has been transferred to a federal facility in North Carolina to serve his extended sentence. Notably, Tasha K has faced legal action before, having been successfully sued for defamation by Cardi B.