Faith Morey, a cast member of Real Housewives of Lagos, didn’t mince words as she criticized her co-star Iyabo Ojo, accusing her of being a ruthless bully without shame. The feud between the two reality stars came under scrutiny, with Iyabo Ojo defending herself against widespread criticism, while referencing MohBad as an example.

Iyabo Ojo acknowledged the parallels drawn between reality shows and real-life situations, emphasizing that reality shows often manipulate narratives through editing. She argued that not everyone on the show should be portrayed as a victim, a supporter, or a peacemaker.

However, Faith Morey strongly disagreed with Iyabo’s stance, asserting that RHOL is not scripted, and the producers provide no specific guidelines for how the housewives should conduct themselves. According to Faith, Iyabo couldn’t maintain a facade for five months, nor could she pretend for that extended period.

In a passionate Instagram story post, Faith emphasized the authenticity of the show, stating that people act on the show as they are in reality. She called for an end to gaslighting and encouraged Iyabo to take responsibility for her behavior. Faith also revealed her longstanding dislike for Iyabo and criticized her for failing to apologize for her mistreatment. She accused Iyabo of being a shameless bully who sought alliances with those who disliked her.

Faith expressed a desire for the producers to show the unfiltered truth, even though she acknowledged that the edits had worked in Iyabo’s favor, and she accused Iyabo of spiteful behavior that couldn’t be hidden, even with editing.