“In the upcoming season of ‘The Real Housewives of Lagos,’ Laura Ikeji-Kanu is entering with a refreshed outlook and a more serene demeanor, having weathered the storm of an intense first season. Reflecting on her prior experiences, she candidly states, ‘The first season was simply too toxic for me.’

This realization has prompted her to adopt a novel approach to the drama-filled journey of season two. Laura expresses her intention clearly: ‘I plan to gracefully sidestep the multitude of unnecessary drama this season. I aim to find joy, foster better understanding among the cast, and relish the show.’

When asked about her highlight from the previous season and the changes she expects in the upcoming one, Laura explains:

‘This season, my aim is to reveal to the other ladies that I possess a more tranquil and compassionate side. I intend to grasp their perspectives better and abstain from indulging in gossip. This season promises to be markedly distinct, and I’m going to enjoy myself much more. The first season held no highlights for me; it was quite a chaotic period. I made a conscious effort to avoid any entanglements and refrain from seeking others’ opinions.

In the previous season, I took on the role of a lone warrior. In this season, I’ll continue to be independent, but I’ll be more accommodating. I recognize that I played a significant part in fomenting drama last season, so there’s no one else to blame. This season, I won’t be forming alliances with anyone. I intend to be a solo force until the end. The only individuals I genuinely acknowledge and care for are my family members, who, regrettably, are not part of the show. So, I’ll be a lone woman soldier.'”