Popular Nigerian music star, Inetimi Alfred Timaya Odon popularly known as Timaya has advised young artiste on how they can grow big without Joining any music label.

Timaya posited that any upcoming talent should strive to start small, record a song and put it on many online streaming platforms.

According to him, they should try to start saving small and when it get to a reasonable amount, they can record a song with it in any nearby studio that’s not expensive.

The ‘plantain boy’ crooner made this assertion on his facebook page and also published by Sabi-boy comedy page on facebook.

Timaya said “ Music in our days wasn’t even like this . You did not have to wait for a record label to sign you before you start working . There were no sponsors but for the love of music we kept going . What am i saying ? Young talents don’t have to wait for a label to come to them . Keep working , if you dream big , you won’t submit to just any kind of label . Every label owner wants to make profits and they will use you in a way that you might not even be comfortable with it . You might cry and no one hears you, you might even lose everything. Just like business people start small and grow big, you can start small and grow too . “

”This is more than truth , many young talents are not even concerned about succeeding anymore . They just believe if this or that label signs them they’ll grow . Have you ever asked yourself what the label stands to get from you ? Do you think someone will put in so much money and might not make life uncomfortable for you ?
”Truth is young kings and queens can make it , start small and keep going . If you are talented , study music business , invest the little you got and stay consistent .
”I can’t count the number of messages in my inbox begging me to link them up to Don Jazzy or Olamide. Whenever I see those messages, I do laugh. You are looking for Olamide to sponsor your music career but you don’t have a single song you have recorded by yourself. You don’t even have a Facebook business page. You are still using your normal Facebook profile. How can someone believe you are serious?
”You claim you don’t have money to record a song but the truth of the matter is that no one can give you money to record a song. Go and get a pidgin hole save and start dropping at least #500 inside the save everyday. Within 5 months, you can realize money to record your song in a nearby studio. When the song is ready, it can only cost you #5,000 to place your song in online streaming platforms. Then start promoting your song. He said.