Auwalu Salisu, a 22-year-old tricycle rider, continues to receive an outpouring of support after his honorable act of returning over N18 million left behind by a passenger from Chad who had come to Kano State to make purchases.

Salisu, residing in Yankaba, Nasarawa local government area, made the remarkable gesture upon hearing about the missing money through a broadcast on our affiliated station, Arewa Radio in Kano. Since then, he has been the recipient of numerous cash donations and even received three bags of rice from well-wishers. The latest generous gesture occurred last night when an individual gifted him a brand new tricycle, enabling him to upgrade from his rented tricycle and cease daily returns.

These contributions have been orchestrated by the management of Cool, Wazobia, and Arewa Radio and were presented to the tricycle rider at the stations’ premises. Auwalu Salisu has now become a local celebrity in the vibrant city of Kano.

In a heartwarming turn of events, the passenger who recovered his missing money expressed his gratitude by donating N400,000 to the young man as a token of his appreciation.