This topic is worth exploring because I personally know many individuals facing this heart-wrenching dilemma. While the specifics may differ for other countries, let’s focus on the UK in this discussion.

For those pursuing a better life abroad, particularly in the UK, it often takes an arduous 10 to 15 years to establish themselves in terms of legal status, financial stability, career, and housing, among other aspects. During this period, they find themselves in a constant state of flux, fervently praying that their parents don’t fall seriously ill within this time frame, as it could mean a heartbreaking separation.

I have friends and relatives who have lived this very experience. While they grapple with the uncertainties of life abroad, working towards securing their legal status and financial stability, their mothers back in Nigeria face grave health issues, such as cancer. These individuals remain stuck abroad, unable to be with their ailing mothers. Tragically, their mothers pass away, and they never get the chance to see them again after over a decade apart.

So, the question arises: What should you do if you find yourself in such a heart-wrenching situation? You’ve been in the UK for more than 8 years, still struggling to secure your legal status, and then you receive the devastating news that your mother is on her deathbed.

What do you do? Do you abandon your pursuit and rush back to Nigeria to be with your dying mother, fully aware that you may never return to the UK? Or do you continue your relentless quest for legal status and financial stability, leaving your mother to face her fate alone? What choice would you make?