Subsidy Removal: NLC Calls for a 200% Wage Increase as a Relief Measure

In response to the removal of petroleum product subsidies, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has put forward a proposal for a substantial 200% wage increase for workers to help mitigate the economic hardships caused by the more than 200% surge in fuel prices in the country.

Addressing the issue on the evening of September 18, NLC President Joe Ajaero emphasized the urgency of the wage adjustment, given the significant financial burden placed on workers due to the exorbitant rise in fuel costs. Ajaero stressed that the NLC’s priority is to resolve the wage award matter before engaging in discussions about the minimum wage.

He explained that considering the staggering hike in fuel prices, the labor union is advocating for a wage increase of nearly 200%, acknowledging that such a move is essential to alleviate the financial strain on workers. Ajaero further noted the possibility of exploring alternative energy sources such as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), which could potentially lead to reduced fuel costs.

Ajaero expressed that the federal government has had ample time in the past four months to address these concerns and urged the government to demonstrate commitment and sincerity in resolving these issues promptly. He expressed hope that the Minister would collaborate with the NLC in the coming days to reach a resolution.

When asked about the separate meetings held by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) with the government, Ajaero clarified that both the NLC and TUC operate independently as distinct labor organizations.