Former Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Badmus Dolapo, has reflected on her past encounter with Nigerian musician, Naira Marley, in light of the circumstances surrounding the death of singer Mohbad.

In 2019, Dolapo had publicly criticized Naira Marley for his lifestyle and controversial statements, including one in which he suggested that having a big butt was better than having a Master’s degree.

Amid the controversy surrounding Mohbad’s death, Dolapo expressed her frustration with people continuously tagging her on social media. She emphasized that relevant authorities are currently conducting a thorough investigation into the case.

She posted on her Instagram page, “So many tags on me, I plead to be left out of tagging; relevant authorities are handling this matter. When I singlehandedly spoke up against this character and the imminent danger it portrays, I was criticized from all sides. A danger left unchecked will become ‘hydra-headed.’ My heart goes out to the departed and all that he represented.”

In her 2019 response to Naira Marley’s comments, Dolapo had stated, “So, is having a big body part now considered superior to having educational or vocational qualifications? I still can’t get over this! We need to restore sanity to our system and stop tolerating public nuisances. It’s mediocrity for anyone to applaud an obviously delinquent and unproductive individual hiding under the guise of making music, obnoxious music for that matter.”

She added, “My advice to the younger ones: let no one confuse you that having a good body part is great, but having educational or vocational qualifications is more important! In fact, it’s non-negotiable! Your body part cannot give you sustainable existence; only good educational or vocational qualifications will. Be guided!”

In response to Dolapo’s comments, Naira Marley had made a retaliatory statement, calling her “ugly.”

The PUNCH had previously reported in 2022 that Mohbad alleged that he was assaulted by his management team after he demanded a change of manager.