Sagamu, the capital of Sagamu Local Government Area in Ogun State, was gripped by violence as cultists from the Eiye and Aiye confraternities clashed in a deadly battle. Tragically, at least 20 young men, including secondary school students, lost their lives in the brutal confrontation.

Disturbing images and videos circulating online depict the gruesome aftermath of the attacks, with some victims lying in pools of blood, and some even had their hands severed by their assailants.

In response to these horrific events, the Nigeria Police Force Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, acknowledged the severity of the situation, emphasizing that it extends beyond the capabilities of an anti-cultism squad alone. He called for a collective effort from elders, politicians, and security agents to address the issue effectively.

Adejobi also noted that some residents had reported that the culprits were well-known to security agents, urging the Ogun State Commissioner of Police to take action based on these reports.

The public’s response to the cult clashes has been one of concern and calls for swift intervention. Many Nigerians are deeply troubled by the extent of cultism in the region and are urging authorities to take immediate action to protect innocent lives and restore peace to the community.