Charles Awuzie, a Nigerian-South African-based businessman and influential thinker, has put forth the idea of a new reality television show called “Big Brain Naija” as an intellectual alternative to the ongoing “Big Brother Naija” program.

According to Tributeonline, Awuzie, the founder and CEO of Gemsbok Group, recently voiced his disappointment regarding a viral video circulating on social media. This video depicted BBNaija housemates struggling to answer simple questions about current and national issues. Awuzie emphasized his belief that BBNaija celebrates shallowness, and he regarded the video as a national embarrassment significant enough to prompt the discontinuation of the reality show.

“After watching the video, I took the initiative to register the domain ‘’ as an intellectual alternative to Big Brother Naija,” he announced.

Awuzie reiterated the need to shift the narrative and introduce a counter-reality show that not only entertains but also champions intellectualism, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

He noted that shortly after making this proposal on his verified Facebook page, he received numerous messages expressing interest in partnerships and sponsorships.

Awuzie outlined his vision for the “Big Brain Naija” reality show, which would bring together some of Nigeria’s brightest minds under one roof for a 50-day period. During this time, they would collaborate to develop unique solutions to address challenges within their communities.

In contrast to the substantial N120 million prize awarded to the winner of BBNaija, which has been running since 2006 and is now in its eighth season, Awuzie proposed a smaller reward for his alternative reality TV show. The winner of “Big Brain Naija” would receive N50 million to transform their solutions into viable businesses. The show would be broadcast on major media platforms throughout the country.

“We need a reality TV show that demonstrates to our youth that intellectualism can lead to greatness and influence,” emphasized Awuzie.

He also mentioned that he has assigned his team to work on the branding and website for “Big Brain Naija” with the goal of having them ready within two weeks.