The Tragic Passing of Mohbad

Just a few days ago, Nigerians and fans alike were left in disbelief upon learning of the untimely demise of Mohbad, a musician whose work consistently shed light on issues such as assault, threats to his life, and human rights abuses by his former boss, Naira Marley.

The artist had reached out to Nigerians and even lodged a formal petition with the Nigerian police, seeking justice for these grievances. Regrettably, no action was taken by the authorities, leading to the heartbreaking news of his passing.

Compelling evidence has emerged online, suggesting a potential connection between his former boss and this tragic loss. Such suspicions hold weight considering the unbearable conditions Mohbad endured while he was still with us.

There have also been reports suggesting the involvement of his parents, wife, and a nurse in his silent demise. Given the gravity of the situation, it is imperative that Nigerians uncover the truth.

I strongly recommend an immediate autopsy on his remains to ensure accurate findings, as the longer the body remains interred, the less reliable the results may become. Furthermore, the Nigerian police should summon the following individuals for questioning:

  1. Sam Larry
  2. Naira Marley
  3. His stepmother
  4. Bella
  5. The nurse
  6. Mohbad’s parents
  7. The promoter at Ikorodu
  8. The individual who rushed him to the hospital
  9. The source of the news regarding his passing

In remembrance of Mohbad, whose light has been extinguished too soon, let us unite in our quest for justice. May his soul rest in peace, and his memory endure.

S.J., writing from Egypt…