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Mohbad: Seun Kuti Takes Different Cue, Flays Gangster Lifestyle 


Afrobeat artiste Seun Kuti has shared his perspective on the tragic passing of fellow artiste Mohbad, taking a different stance compared to many Nigerians who have called for justice through social media.

In a viral video, Seun Kuti expressed his reluctance to join in scapegoating anyone for the unfortunate event.

Notably, Seun Kuti touched upon the issue of idolizing gangster lifestyles in Nigeria while addressing claims about his supposed fear of Sam Larry. He made it clear that he was not acquainted with individuals like Sam Larry and disassociated himself from them.

Seun questioned the public’s fascination with such figures and criticized the elevation of these personalities, saying, “I don’t know such people; you are the ones that elevate them, you follow them on Instagram. I don’t know Sam Larry. I have never been in the same circle as him, I have never shared anything with such people. I don’t know them. You made them demi-gods.”

In a caption accompanying his Instagram post, Seun Kuti expressed his refusal to participate in scapegoating, referencing past experiences of facing similar treatment from the online community. He highlighted the consistent presence of what he referred to as the “INTERNET POLICE FORCE.”

Furthermore, Seun Kuti directed criticism towards Nigerian artistes who flaunt expensive gold chains, suggesting a broader concern about values and priorities within the music industry.

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