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Jos Disco Calls on Benue Communities to Safeguard Electricity Towers


In a recent development, the Managing Director of Jos Electricity Distribution Plc, Engr Abdu Bello Mohammed, has issued a passionate plea to the residents of Benue State, urging them to be vigilant and take measures to protect crucial electricity installations in the state, particularly the 33kV towers.

This call to action comes in response to the troubling increase in incidents of tower vandalism within the state, as revealed in a statement signed by Dr. Friday Adakole Elijah, the Head of Corporate Communication.

During a community sensitization event held in Ade/Bende and represented by Dr. Friday Adakole Elijah, Engr Mohammed disclosed that a disturbing 37 towers had fallen victim to vandalism by miscreants. He emphasized that if the technical crew of the company had not responded swiftly to the situation, it could have resulted in a catastrophic disaster.

The Managing Director further stressed the potential consequences of such tower vandalism, stating, “Apart from the loss of lives and property, most of Makurdi down to Gbajimba would have been without electricity supply.”

He implored the people to take a proactive role in safeguarding these electricity installations in their communities by reporting any suspicious activities or individuals. Engr Mohammed emphasized, “These assets belong to Jos Electricity Distribution Company, but they are also yours because you are the beneficiaries of their services.”

Highlighting the far-reaching impact of vandalism, he added, “If these facilities are allowed to be vandalized, it will undoubtedly affect you in various ways. The affected areas will suffer economic setbacks, social life will be disrupted, and security will be compromised. We must remain vigilant to prevent any form of vandalism.”

In his remarks, the Regional Manager of the Makurdi Region, Joseph Kwaghgba, expressed gratitude to the community members, especially the Chiefs, for promptly responding to the invitation. He urged them to disseminate this critical message widely.

Kwaghgba assured the community that his doors are always open, offering a 24/7 contact point for those with valuable information to share.

Finally, Chief Tarveshima Zaki, the traditional ruler of the Ade/Bende Community, thanked the management of Jos Electricity Distribution Plc for their efforts in educating the community about the hazards associated with tower vandalism. He pledged to employ traditional measures, including invoking curses, against those responsible for these disgraceful acts.

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