DeeOne continues to criticize his fellow reality TV star, Whitemoney, stating, “Whitemoney, your financial prospects are bleak. There’s no future for you in the entertainment industry. Your career is in ruins.”

The feud between these two began when DeeOne celebrated Whitemoney’s eviction on Sunday, September 17, labeling him as the worst musician to ever participate in Big Brother. Whitemoney noticed the comment, leading to a heated exchange.

DeeOne took to Instagram to share a video in which he further asserted:

“Whitemoney, you’ve reached the end of the road. There are no opportunities left for you in the entertainment world. It’s all over for you, my friend. You’ve been making a lot of noise about winning Grammys, but you haven’t even won a Headies or Beat award. You claim you’ll win Grammys. If you’re wise, you might want to consider other options. I’m not sure what you can do, maybe head to Ladipo… I’m not certain. But when it comes to entertainment, you’re running on empty, and you know it. Whitemoney, your financial fortune is fading.”

Watch the video of his remarks below…