The Bauchi State Police Command has issued advice to farmers in the state, urging them to promptly harvest their crops to facilitate unhindered grazing for herders and prevent potential conflicts.

SP Ahmed Mohammed Wakil, the spokesperson for the command, delivered this message on behalf of CP Auwal Musa Muhammad, the State Commissioner of Police, on September 16, 2023.

Furthermore, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) cautioned all herders against encroaching on farmlands before the harvest season.

The statement read, “The Bauchi State Police Command wishes to inform the public about proactive security measures that everyone is expected to be aware of and comply with to enhance overall safety and security in the state. The proactive measures have been developed following credible intelligence and security threat analysis conducted by the Command. The Command has identified the following potential security threats for the Ember-months season:

  1. Herders’/farmers Feud and Communal clashes
  2. Armed Robbery
  3. Kidnapping and Abduction
  4. Road Traffic Accidents
  5. Stealing of Farm Produce and Mischief
  6. Youths’ Restiveness (Thuggery), among others

“To prevent herders-farmers and communal clashes, the Command calls on the respective parties to refrain from engaging in any acts that could lead to the breakdown of law and order and public peace. Farmers are advised to harvest their farm produce in a timely manner to prevent herders from grazing freely, thereby avoiding potential conflicts. All herders are unequivocally warned against encroaching on farmlands before harvest.

“Armed Robbery is a common crime trend during the ember months. Travelers are advised to avoid night-time journeys or traveling during the early hours of the day. They are further encouraged to find the nearest safe places to rest and resume their journeys in the daylight for safety.

“Kidnapping and Abduction was a significant issue during the last ember months of 2022. In 2023, the Command has devised a strategic plan to address this challenge. The Command has mapped out kidnappers’ hideouts and introduced modern security tactics to strengthen law enforcement efforts against these crimes and others in the state.

“Night-time Traveling and Over-Speeding contribute to increased road accidents. The Command advises all travelers, especially drivers, to avoid speeding, especially during the late hours, to prevent unnecessary road accidents that may result in loss of lives and property damage.

“Stealing of farm produce and mischief can be minimized if farmers are vigilant, familiar with their farm surroundings, and maintain good relationships with their neighbors. Farmers are encouraged to evacuate their produce promptly to prevent theft, unlawful grazing, or damage by nighttime fires.

“Youth Restiveness and Thuggery (Yan-Sara-Suka): Citizens are advised to be vigilant regarding their possessions and discourage youth involvement in unruly behavior that could disrupt the state’s peaceful atmosphere.

“The Commissioner of Police, Bauchi State Police Command, CP Auwal Musa Muhammad psc, reaffirms the Command’s unwavering commitment to achieving a crime-free society in our beloved state. He emphasizes the importance of community engagement in crime prevention, management, and control to achieve our primary mandate of protecting lives and property. Please accept our esteemed regards.”