Reports suggest that individuals with a penchant for snatching male private organs have reportedly taken the genital of a naval officer in Calabar, the capital of Cross River state.

According to Vanguard, the naval officer was stationed at the barracks’ entry point when a young man named Samuel entered the barracks and was directed to the sentry point for security screening.

Azeez, a naval personnel, recounted the incident:

“When he reached the sentry point, he was questioned about the purpose of his visit and his mission in the barracks. However, during the conversation with the sentry officer, the man experienced an electric shock around his genitals. To his astonishment, when he touched the area, his private organ was gone.”

Upon the naval officer’s outcry, the young man was confronted, physically assaulted, and instructed to return the missing genital immediately.

It was further reported that the alleged genital thief neither indicated whether he would return the missing organ nor denied responsibility for its disappearance.