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After 9 Years of Marriage, My Wife Has Embraced Her True Self – Man Announces Divorce


Andrew Pantazi, an American journalist, has revealed that he and his wife, Lauren, will be going their separate ways after being married for 9 years and sharing two children.

Pantazi, who shared this on a public platform, explained that they are getting divorced because his wife has come to terms with her identity as a lesbian and her lack of attraction to men.

“Life update: I’m getting divorced. After 9 years of marriage, Lauren has acknowledged that she’s queer and not attracted to men. We remain the best of friends and co-parents, even as we begin to date other people. I’m profoundly moved by her newfound happiness. Burdens that were previously unknown to us have lifted for her,” he wrote on September 16, 2023.

“Our love has transformed into friendship. Past struggles in our marriage now make sense, and we are more in harmony than ever. We are eager to support each other’s individual journeys. Our care for one another deepens as friends. We are both delighted to explore this new way of loving each other.”

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