Yanshanu Community in Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State is engulfed in fear and shock as an additional seven former patients from Murna Hospital have come forward, claiming their kidneys were surreptitiously removed by the embattled clinic operator, Mr. Noah Kekere.

Alhaji Jamilu Baba, Chairman of the Yanshanu Community Development Association, revealed in an interview with Saturday Tribune that all individuals who had undergone surgical procedures at the clinic in the past were instructed to undergo kidney tests. To their dismay, seven individuals, both male and female, have now discovered that they possess only one kidney, with the other missing.

Baba stated, “It may interest you that those who went for scans are complaining of the same thing. At the moment, about seven have claimed that only one kidney was found in their bodies after scans. All of them had, at different times, had surgical operations performed on them by the so-called doctor at Murna Clinic.”

He went on to describe the clinic as “Murna Clinic,” owned by an individual known as Dr. Noah Kekere, who is popularly referred to as “Dr. Yellow.” The community had trusted him for over 18 years, but the recent revelations have shattered that trust.

Baba recounted a specific case where a woman who had undergone an appendicitis operation seven years ago at Murna Clinic continued to experience abdominal pain. Subsequent scans at Jos University Teaching Hospital revealed that she had only one kidney, and the other was missing. This shocking revelation prompted further investigations, which led to the involvement of the police.

Alhaji Baba called for a comprehensive police investigation to uncover the full extent of the illicit organ harvesting and to serve as a deterrent to others engaging in such criminal activities.

When Saturday Tribune visited Murna Clinic and Maternity Centre, they found it closed with security personnel stationed at the gate. A source disclosed that the doctors who had assisted Kekere in the initial victim’s operation had also been arrested.

The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) in the state distanced itself from Kekere, stating that he was not a medical doctor but a quack pretending to be one. The NMA emphasized that diligent investigations had uncovered his lack of medical qualifications and expressed its commitment to assisting the police in resolving the matter.

Mr. Kekere was briefly hospitalized at JUTH’s psychiatric section after feigning madness upon his arrest but was subsequently discharged when no underlying mental issues were found.