A series of alarming emails, containing threats of violence targeting both children and staff, have been reported by multiple schools in the Leeds area.

The West Yorkshire Police have taken swift action by initiating an investigation into the matter. Their officers are actively engaged in providing guidance on safety measures and offering reassurance to the schools affected.

In communications to parents, a headteacher from one of the primary schools indicated that the police were treating these threats as credible. Consequently, as a precautionary measure, students have been kept indoors throughout the day, with school gates securely locked, and windows and doors firmly shut.

This troubling situation comes on the heels of a recent incident where similar malicious emails were sent to schools in the North West, prompting another police investigation.

Parents are understandably concerned, with one parent expressing feeling “petrified” upon learning about these threats. It’s reminiscent of troubling incidents that have occurred in schools in the United States.

In one instance, a school in Chester went into lockdown, initially preventing parents from retrieving their children. However, subsequent investigations revealed that the unsettling email received by the school was likely a malicious hoax.