In a harrowing account, a musician hailing from Atlanta, USA, has shared the chilling details of his near-death experience following a brown recluse spider bite he suffered last month.

Singer-songwriter Gabe Lustman revealed that he was oblivious to the origin of the venomous spider’s bite and initially dismissed it as a mere “mosquito bite or something.”

He recounted, “I start scratching it and scratching it, and then it starts turning colors.” The 30-year-old artist’s first impression was that he had inadvertently bumped his leg, as the bite exhibited a bull’s-eye pattern, resembling a bruise.

The ordeal began around August 18 when Lustman first noticed the bite. As days passed, the condition escalated, leading him to perform at a gala event despite feeling unwell. However, his sickness worsened to the extent that he proceeded directly from the performance to the hospital.

Medical professionals swiftly recognized the gravity of the situation, identifying a severe leg infection. A definitive diagnosis was made the following day when an infectious disease specialist examined him.

Lustman endured a five-day hospitalization, during which he underwent multiple blood tests and received intensive treatment, including antibiotics and other medications.

Before his discharge, physicians delivered a chilling revelation: if he had delayed seeking medical attention, the consequences could have been dire. He might have faced amputation or even lost his life.

This terrifying ordeal serves as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by seemingly innocuous insect bites and the critical importance of prompt medical intervention in potentially life-threatening situations.