Iheme Nancy requested all of her fans to participate in a Q&A session and encouraged them to ask her anything.

“Why is your ass so big?”

After he asked the question, the actress wasted no time in responding by posting the question and her response on her Instagram story.

Iheme Nancy stated that she has no idea why her bum is so large. In her words:

“Me self I don’t know why it’s big.”

Her response suggests that she is at peace with the subject and did not take it personally.

“One of the reasons my marriage to my ex-husband crashed was because of Nancy Iheme”- Sandra Iheuwa

Recsll that Sandra Iheuwa, a businesswoman and the mother of Ubi Franklin, recently revealed one of the factors that contributed to the collapse of her marriage to her ex-husband, Steve Thompson.

The entrepreneur claimed that one of the factors contributing to her failing marriage was the actress Nancy Iheme.

She said that Nancy had been having affairs with her ex-husband both before and during their marriage.

When asked how she found out about their relationship, she said that her ex told her and showed her the DMS between him and Nancy.**

“Nancy Iheme happened when I was married to Steve. Steve talks a lot when I was married to Steve. Steve talks a lot, he says a lot of things. He was the one that opened up and was showing his DM between him and Nancy before I was married to him. So I didn’t understand why she was at the wedding.

He showed me DMS that they had sexual intercourse or whatever together.

Speaking on Nancy Iheme’s appearance at her wedding she said, “Yes I didn’t understand it. I was like, ‘What’s this lady doing here? And there was a time that my ex-husband, during our honeymoon brought breakfast and was giving me breakfast in bed. She made a slick comment under that and I didn’t find it funny. I told him, look at what she saying. I think he made her delete the comment. So since then, I can’t. I don’t know how to pretend. I tell people the way it is. I’m not the kind of person that if you’re my friend or if I see someone doing something that doesn’t sit well with me. Of course, I have to say something. I’m not going to keep quiet”.