By G9ija

A top urologist says men should not urinate standing up, proclaiming it’s healthier and more hygienic to sit down to take a leak.

Gerald Collins, a consultant urological surgeon at Alexandra Hospital in Cheshire, England, made the claim in an interview with the Telegraph following a report about male urination practices.

The data analytics firm surveyed more than 7,000 men from 13 countries across the globe, finding a majority usually stay standing while emptying their bladders.

The survey did uncover some surprising cultural differences, with 40% of German men saying they sit down to pee “every time,” in comparison with just 10% of American men. And, according to Collins, it’s the Germans who have the right idea.

“Sitting is probably the most efficient way of doing it,” the doctor declared, explaining that the muscles in the pelvis and the spine are completely relaxed in that position, making it easier to complete the peeing process.

The urologist added that it’s especially easier for older men to sit down to urinate, given that benign prostatic hyperplasia becomes increasingly common in advanced age.

However, in recent decades, the culture has changed significantly, and there are now signs in many public bathrooms across Germany warning men not to stand while urinating.

This is usually for issues relating to cleanliness, as urine is less likely to end up spraying across the floor if a person is seated.