i started dating my girlfriend last year December, we barely see each other because of her strict father,even there was time her father threatened me to leave her daughter.

Even if we got to see it will be in a public place around her house

And this have been for all these while and i try to talk her into it that i can’t date a girl i can’t spend quality time with her and she never visits me, claiming my place is far

Now last month, there’s a girl, a friend to her in my area, i showed interest to her, she questioned me that what about her friend but i told her we are not dating that she is not serious

So this new girl have been showing care,we have been making out together and deep down in me this is all i wanted, a girl that show she cares not a girl we barely see each than calling.

fast forward to yesterday, i don’t know what they discussed, my first girlfriend told her that she saw me yesterday and we are still dating, which make my new girlfriend became angry, she called me shouting that I’m a lair that we are dating, to cut the story short i just had to assured and told her if by any chance she see my first girlfriend she should told her not to call me again.

This evening my first girlfriend called me and told me we should end it that her friend told her all i told her

Incredibly, i never expected my new girlfriend to tell her such but just a simple assurance

Now the issue here is hope i haven’t caused a fight between two friends and i love my first girlfriend