Wife of Anambra Governor, Dr. Nonye Soludo has blamed the high rate of societal ills and vices on family negligence and lack of parental care.

She spoke in Awka during the 2023 International Day of Families organised by the Anambra Ministry of Health in collaboration with the State Ministry of Women and Social Welfare.

She said: “Due to lack of parental care, children engage in robbery, cultism, drug addiction, exam fraud, hooliganism, thuggery, gambling, smoking, rape and other crimes.

“We need to put our families first and prioritise the upbringing of our children. Family is everything and the betterment of society starts with the family.

Mrs. Soludo expressed displeasure with parents who give out their children as house helps and guardians who maltreat or abuse children.

She said: “It is sad that parents shy away from their responsibilities and give out their children to strangers who maltreat and abuse these children. 

“If you are not ready to train children, do not have any or you give birth to the number of children you can cater for and bring them up to be responsible men and women in the society. I also urge our women to stop maltreating and abusing their house helps”.